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Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) has become a powerful tool for understanding plant gene function. Tobacco rattle virus-based VIGS vector has been used to silence large number of genes in Nicotiana benthamiana and other dicot species. This database compiles a large number of phenotypic information of gene silenced plants. This can serve as a platform for researchers to quickly know (without doing an experiment) the expected visible developmental changes upon silencing a plant gene.

Currently, the sequences and respective silencing phenotypes for ESTs/genes derived from two cDNA libraries are accessible in this database. N. benthamiana mixed elicitor (NbME) library was constructed using RNA from various biotic and abiotic stress inducing elicitors treated plants. Another library was constructed using RNA from both uninoculated and Tobacco mosaic virus-induced (TI) leaves. More genomic and phenomic information will be added in future as this database will continue to be updated.

About this Database

This database describes phenotypic information for a large number of gene silenced N. benthamiana plants. It has sequence information for ~4,500 N. benthamiana ESTs (inserts in the TRV2 vector) and also the phenotypic description and/or photographs for ~1,300 gene silenced plants. In addition, it provides user friendly search engine for any particular phenotype of interest using key words. It also has a built-in BLAST search to identify sequences and their silencing phenotypes by using a query sequence.


This website and the resources described therein were generated through various projects at Molecular Plant Microbe Lab and were funded by Noble Research Institute.


Gregory Martin (

S. P. Dinesh-Kumar (


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