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VIGS Material

Material request

If you are interested in a specific VIGS vector and would like to use it for your research, please contact

Dr. Kiran Mysore
Molecular Plant Microbe
Noble Research Institute, LLC
2510 Sam Noble Pky.
Ardmore, OK 73401 USA



Notes to the requester:

Biosafety, permit for shipment and MTA

Institutions are expected to develop standard operating procedures based on national guidelines (e.g., US National Institutes of Health and/or United States Department of Agriculture) for handling virus-infected plant materials in the greenhouse and growth chambers. Biosafety level (e.g., Biosafety level 1 in the United States)-certified laboratories and greenhouses are required for performing VIGS experiments. TRV can infect more than 400 plant species; hence, environmental release of this virus must be prevented. Shipment of virus vectors, virus-infected plant materials and progeny seeds obtained from VIGS plants should be carried out only after obtaining appropriate permits. For more details refer to our previous article here.

USDA-APHIS permit (e.g., APHIS 2000 for interstate shipments) is required for shipment of TRV vectors with in USA. For international shipments read the requirements specific to the country. Obtaining appropriate permit is the responsibility of the requester. Shipments will not be made without appropriate permit.

Requester institution may need to sign a material transfer agreement (MTA) with Noble Foundation for certain clones.

TRV-VIGS vectors at Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (ABRC)

The following vectors can be directly obtained from ABRC.

TRV1 vector plasmid DNA (ABRC stock number CD3-1039, vector name YL192)

Gateway-compatible TRV2 vector plasmid DNA (ABRC stock number CD3-1041, vector name YL279)

Several other TRV2 vectors and their derivatives as described here.
For orders from ABRC click here.